Melaleuca Safari Tent Inside

Safari Tent Accommodation

Luxurious safari tent bedrooms overlooking a coastal lagoon. Each tent rests on a spacious deck with it’s own bathroom and kitchen facilities allowing you to be fully self contained.

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Tanja Lagoon Camp before Safari Tents and regen work

Tanja Lagoon Camp

We believe this magnificent piece of the planet is a gift to be shared, nurtured and appreciated. We invite you to come and immerse yourself in it.

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Bithry Inlet

Stay and do nothing or everything

You will have a great experience if all you want to do is breathe in the air and soak up your surroundings but there is plenty more on offer.

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Immerse yourself in nature

Nestled in Mimosa Rocks National Park, Tanja Lagoon camp is surrounded by vibrant natural habitat. Wildlife is in abundance.

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