The Atlas of Life is a community biodiversity project to build a record of the wonderful and changing wildlife of this region.

Tanja Lagoon Camp is using this database to create its own record of this place, and add to the national records.

You can add your own photographs and sightings while you are here and help us to build a rich record of life around Tanja Lagoon Camp

The Species Lists in the Atlas will help you identify what you see

Go to:

You have two choices:

1. Register in your own name and start your own list of sightings or

2. Sign in as username “tanjalagoon” password “password”

On the “Add a sighting” page click “My Place” then look in the “location” button and you will see the “tanja lagoon” location for your sightings.
You can drag the point for a precise location for each of your records.
Any questions contact Libby Hepburn: 0264 950 917

Atlas of Life

The Atlas of Life logo depicts the Bull Kelp Durvillea potatorum  which grows here, but which is moving southwards at an alarming rate. See if you can see it along this coast as Araganu is about its northernmost limit nowadays. If you do see it, take a photo and log your sighting in the Atlas.