Sam and Loz

We are Sam and Loz (and Amber and Jasper), your hosts at Tanja Lagoon Camp.

We have spent most of our working lives guiding and educating people in beautiful wilderness classrooms across the globe. We have come home to Tanja to bring up our kids in this special place and begin our next adventure.

We offer you a great location and fine facilities to enjoy. We are happy to help you have a wonderful experience here.

Libby and Alan Hepburn

Libby and Alan are partners in the operation and are providing investment and management support, strategy and business advice.

Libby is also the founder of the “Atlas of Life in The Coastal Wilderness (ALCW)” initiative –, a long-term project to build an atlas of biodiversity of this region, where the community works with science. Tanja Lagoon Camp is  a centre for ALCW citizen science projects.

The Building Team

Making the vision for these beautiful structures become a reality would not have been possible without the great work and support of:

Builders: Paul Juska (Manor Building Services) and Andrew Constable

Electrician: Chad Gunther

Plumber: John Blankenstein

Bed Craftsman: Jesse Waddell

A&A Worm Farms waste management systems.

Web Design and Marketing Team

Web Design: Darryl Butler

Web site manager and print media designer: Zachary Sequoia

Logo Design: Suzanne and Zachary Sequoia

Photography: Richard Green , Kit Goldsworthy, Heike Herrling