Middle Beach is where Tanja Lagoon meets the ocean. It is only a short bushwalk or paddle from Tanja Lagoon Camp. It is a magic beach. At the northern end there is a surf break and deep pools between the rocks to explore. At the southern end is the sand bar that keeps the lagoon from going out with the tide. It is a lovely place for a long walk on the beach.

Nature watching is everywhere, whether it’s coots on the lagoon, spoonbills on the dam, a swamp wallaby in the bracken, kangaroos on the grass, gliders in the spotted gums, or an orchid in the forest, nature surrounds you.

Bushwalking right from your door. Follow the edge of the lagoon all they way to the sand bar where it meets the ocean. Walk through the Mimosa Rocks National Park forest amongst the spotted gums and cycads. There are two marked tracks from the camp to the beach, both about 20min walk.

Canoeing or Kayaking. Paddle on the lagoon, around the Island, to the sand bar or to the  middle beach track. If you have no need for a destination, just float with the pelicans and swans.

Guests are welcome to use the canoes and kayaks at their own risk however most of the water is quite shallow and you are never more than a few hundred metres from a shoreline.

After periods of heavy rain the sandbar is occasionally breached and the lagoon is opened out to the Sea. The lagoon then becomes tidal for a few weeks until the waves replenish the sand. While the lagoon is tidal canoeing and kayaking are restricted to periods of higher tidal variation as shallower areas like in front of the tents are exposed until the bar closes and the lagoon fills once again.

Stargazing is spectacular here as there are no town lights to distract from the display. There is a good chance you will hear the gliders, nightjars and owls out in the night.

Stay in Bed! The handcrafted Queen size bed is one of the most comfortable places you will ever sleep. Enjoy a slow morning in bed with all the canvas windows and doors rolled up. Listen to the songs of the birds.