Aragannu is a site of special cultural significance to the local indigenous people. This is also the location of the Parks’ namesake, the rocks that brought the paddle steamer Mimosa to grief.

If you feel like a fine dining experience or would like to taste some local wines try the Drystone Restaurant at Mimosa Winery half way to Bermagui.

Bermagui is 35km north of Tanja. The drive there is along a lovely part of the coast, through farmland and forest with stunning glimpses of beaches and inlets along the way. Visit the Fishermen’s Wharf for lunch and buy the freshest local fish from the Co-op shop.  Take a dip in the Blue Pool – a natural rock pool augmented by the Council many years ago to create a special sea pool. Stop in at the Bermagui Gelati Clinic  on your way out of town.

Tathra is 12Km to the south of Tanja. Here you can surf and swim on a beach with surf patrol watching out for your safety if you swim between the flags. You can enjoy lunch at the Tathra Beach Cafe or the historic Tathra Wharf, both with a lovely view of the Mimosa Rocks National Park Coastline. You can buy gourmet delicacies and good coffee at the Blends Cafe.

Kianniny Boat Ramp is a Tathra local favourite spot to swim and have a picnic. It is also the start of The Kangarutha Track.  There is also a lovely short walk from Kianniny to the Tathra Wharf.

Tathra has numerous mountain bike tracks. Try out the Bundadung trail network