Tanja Lagoon Camp is home to a very relaxed mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. You will see them at most times of the day, grazing, lazing, fighting and playing all around the property.

Another Macropod you will mostly likely spot grazing on new saplings is the Swamp Wallaby or Black Wallaby. They are the reason for all the nets around the trees we have planted.

The major planting across the property is a Local Land Services funded project to create a wildlife corridor for the threatened Long-Nosed Potoroo.

Other mammals that are at home in the surrounding forests include:

  • red-necked wallabies
  • ringtail possums
  • brushtail possums
  • yellow-bellied gliders
  • golden-tipped bats
  • white-footed dunnarts
  • bush rats
  • brush-tailed phascogales
  • yellow-bellied sheath-tail bats
  • antechinus
  • long-nosed bandicoots
  • echidnas