For scores of generations the bounties of the seas and the rich land have nurtured human life in south eastern Australia. Distinct groups have been determined due to custom, language and belief and the coastal fringe up into the ranges to the west and stretching from Mallacoota in the south to Wollongong in the north was looked after by the Yuin people. This great nation were custodians through millennia.

The spiritual connection to land is a profound and deeply felt recognition of the great forces of nature and balance that allow human life to flourish in an often harsh landscape. Stories reveal the need to follow carefully thought out rules and regulation so that this tenuous balance not be upset. Punishments and discipline was often harsh and brutal to help sustain this existence.

Some mountains and waterways were selected as sacred sites to the local tribes where they would conduct their ceremonies and commune with the spirits. It is not for the uninitiated to divulge what the specifics of these ceremonies contain. Guluga (Mt Dromodary), Biamanga (Mumbulla Mt) and Balawan (Mt Imlay) are the most obvious montains in the area and each was deeply sacred to the locals of the Yuin nation here. Wallaga lake still remains home to many descendants of the aboriginal folk and sacred law grounds are kept by them. Mumbulla Falls is another sacred site.

Visitors should always remain respectful of  these sites  and read the information signs as these sites remain as a deeply felt connection to the spiritual world for many people. If the visitor is lucky and really reaches out with compassion and understanding they too can begin to feel the reason these places are so special.

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